Recruiting travels slowed

By on April 4, 2008

As the recruiting season came to an end, travel across the country this semester had been fairly uneventful. I should have known better, especially since I had only two universities left!

What started out on Monday, March 31st as a couple hours at the airport turned into a 9 1/2 hour, ‘cell phone and computer-dying’, ‘where can I find an outlet that is not being used?’ adventure that didn’t lead me to Virginia Tech, but instead back to my apartment at 11 PM. Yes, that is right after arriving to O’Hare at 1:00 PM, and two canceled flights later, I had not even left Chicago. I started to get a bit concerned that my bag was not going to make my flight the next morning….my brain didn’t even what to think about it!

Meanwhile back in Roanoke, Cassie and Mike (oh, did I mention they had never met before??) arrived and headed to Blacksburg without me. As Cassie so patiently took my phone calls every time I had an update, I finally called to tell her I wasn’t arriving that night, and we decided they would come back and pick me up in Roanoke the next day. Yes, I know what you all are thinking, “Why didn’t she just rent a car and go by herself?”, well, a number of factors, but what fun would it be if we wouldn’t all three couldn’t be together???

On Tuesday, April 1, I headed back to O’Hare for a 9 AM flight to Roanoke. I got a little worried when 9 turned to 9:15…yikes, all I could think was that I was in for round 2! By 9:15 we were boarding and off! After arriving in Roanoke, we were off to a good start as my bag arrived and so did Cassie’s. We went straight to campus and into the classroom, where Cassie spoke to an HR class, and Mike and I went to an F&B class. We went back to Wallace Hall, to meet another professor and then off to the Intro to Hospitality class at 5:00 PM.

Wednesday, April 2….the day of interviews and making sure we got back to the airport in time for our flights. All was going well, we were having a great time getting to know the students better, and then we went to lunch….. and that is when I found out my direct flight back to Chicago had been canceled. It couldn’t be, 3 canceled flights on one trip?!?! Oh yes, it happened.

The fun didn’t stop there. We were stuck in traffic going to Roanoke from Blacksburg due to construction. We came across a very friendly lady that rolled down her window and ask if we wanted any snacks…Wow! When we politely said no thank you, she then offered us a bottle of water; we declined again. She wished us all safe flights and that was that, but as she went by us for the last time, she waved like we had known her all her life! Southern hospitality at its best. :)

I am not sure my next blog will top that one, but until next time….

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