6 Must Have Apps Every Job Seeker Should Have On Their iphone.

By on December 14, 2009

We have seen a few other posts similar to this where people give their best recommendations on apps that can help you find your next job. As recruiters we have a keen interest in knowing how people find our job opportunities and recently have become big fans of the iphone. It’s time to share what we think are some of the best applications for finding jobs. While there are a lot of options to choose from in Apple’s app store,the applications we are focusing on will uncover the largest variety of jobs and are all free.

Indeed: We find it amusing when someone tells us they found a job through Careerbuilder or Monster. Nothing against the big job boards, but if you are only looking here you are missing most of the career opportunities out there. Indeed’s tag line is “One Search, All Jobs”, and it’s pretty much true. Indeed searches the web for jobs posted on company career sites and job boards so that you can find just about any job that is being posted. itunes link

Linkedin: We will have to post a separate article about the importance of creating a network and your own personal brand. Check out Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog, great articles and advice here. Linkedin is often refereed to as the business lunch of social networking, and like other social networking sites, you need to keep in contact with your network. This is a social network that is the primary focus of many recruiters. The Linkedin application for iphone is a great way to stay connected and expand your network. itunes link

Twitter: We know Twitter isn’t designed as a job database, but we also know that quite a few companies are finally getting on board with Twitter and recruiters are diving into the network in a big way. There are also several services such as Tweetmyjobs now tweeting job opportunities as they become available. Most importantly, Twitter may be one of the best ways to get some personal attention from a company recruiter. This how to article from Mashable, How to find a job on Twitter, is a great resource. Try tweeting that you are interested in working for one of the 50 companies listed in this article and you may be surprised how quickly you are contacted, Top 50 recruiters on twitter. Tweetdeck itunes link

mjob: mjob is an incredibly simple app, and that is what we like about it. mjob database comes from a group of employeers named DirectEmployers. DirectEmployers posts jobs on behalf of member companies so the jobs you see here come straight from the companies themselves. Not only can you quickly search this job data base but with a simple click the application will email you any job that you are interested in. We love mobile devices but applying for a job on one could be a bit futile. itunes link

Facebook: Yes, we know you have an account and this was probably one of the first applications you installed. The reason we like facebook as a tool for finding jobs is very similar to the benefits of using twitter. Many companies now have fan pages dedicated to their talent acquisition efforts, Hyatt Careers fan page. These fan pages can tell you a lot about the culture of companies you may be interested in working with as well as give you the capability of connecting directly with current employees and the recruiters that manage these pages. Become a fan and start connecting. itunes link

Gist: Gist describe themselves as an online service that helps you build stronger relationships. By connecting your inbox to the web, you get business-critical information about key people and companies. What we love about Gist is that is connects you to the most popular social networks and your own contacts. A great way to follow what’s happening with the people that you want to follow or work with. This service is still in beta but we think it has a lot of potential.  itunes link

We hope you find these 6 free iphone applications helpful with your job search. They can help you find the job your looking for and connect with the right people. If you are interested in connecting with us at Hyatt you can so on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube.

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