You’ve Heard It Before…..Never Burn Bridges

By on February 4, 2013

“Never burn bridges” is probably one of the oldest pieces of professional advice. Without a doubt this advice has been given and received countless times, and although so simple, it’s timeless advice, that is so true even today.

Six Degrees of Separation

During my career with Hyatt, I’ve worked with a number of individuals and worked for multiple directors and general managers.  Although I’ve moved on from their teams, I’ve always tried to leave the relationship on a positive note.  One of the reasons why is because I recognize that although Hyatt has over 80,000 employees, we’re all in some way connected. It’s pretty likely that I will work with an individual again, or perhaps they will be the person someone calls for feedback on what it was like to work with me.

Respect at All Levels

It’s shortsighted for us to think that the individuals in our life today won’t possibly pop up further down the road, which is why I’m an advocate of respect at all levels.  It doesn’t matter the role a person is currently in or how connected they appear to be to your future.  Treating someone with respect, saying hello when you pass a person in the hallway or on campus, learning an individual’s name, is always a good idea.  It makes it easier when you are later paired to work with them on a group project or have to reach out to them for assistance.

Every Goodbye Isn’t Final

Each day we make decisions, sometimes our decisions are small, such as what to have for lunch, and other times our decisions are much larger.  Ultimately, the decisions we make and how we handle those decisions may come back to haunt us.  One of the students I recruited two years ago learned this lesson firsthand.  Due to situations in his personal life, he needed to move closer to his hometown.  Ideally he wanted to transfer to another location within our company, but because there weren’t any immediate openings, he chose to resign and pursue other options.  One of those options was a company that he interviewed with while he was in college.

He had come pretty close to receiving an offer from them and he thought for sure that it would be easy for him to reestablish the relationships he formed within the organization.  There was just one problem.  When he accepted the offer to work for us, he ended all communication with this other organization and didn’t let them know that he had accepted a job offer. Instead he just ignored their calls and essentially decided to “burn a bridge.”

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