Graduating Without a Job Offer?

By on May 22, 2013

So you’re counting down the days until graduation. Marking each day off of the calendar. Although there is definitely the excitement of closing a significant chapter, for some there may be a bit of anxiety about the unknown and what lies ahead. Particularly for those graduates who may not have received a job offer and feel like everyone has an offer or plan except for them. Here are a few actions you can take to help your situation.

Follow Up On Prior Interviews

Start by following up on your prior interviews. Don’t assume that because you didn’t hear back from the interviewer that you aren’t perhaps still in “play” for a position. A simple email, I suggest you attach your resume, reiterating your interest in working for their company and asking for an update will suffice. Depending upon their scope of responsibility, a recruiter may meet with a ton of candidates; it never hurts to remind them that you’re out there. Perhaps the opportunity you originally met with them about was filled, but there is always the possibility that they can consider you for a different role.

Spend time on LinkedIn

Take a few minutes and update your LinkedIn profile. Be sure it now reflects the degree you’ve obtained and any other special skills or experiences. LinkedIn shares the changes you’ve made to those in your network, so this is a great way to put yourself out there and in the forefront of your professional connections.

I have to tell you that I love this feature and look forward to seeing what the graduates in my network are doing now and if there is the possibility that they could eventually fill an opportunity at our company.

While you’re on LinkedIn, take a look at the connections of your parents, professors, advisors, and mentors. Is there someone they’re connected to that could possibly assist you with obtaining position in your ideal industry? If so, ask for an introduction! You may be surprised where a simple LinkedIn connection leads!

Alumni and Career Services

Another resource to explore would be your school’s career services team. Don’t assume that just because the semester is ending that all jobs are filled. Company representatives are inclined to reach out to career services with their last minute openings. Career Services can also connect you with school alumni in your prospective field as well.

Don’t Panic

You are surely not alone in this situation. Don’t panic, the last thing you need is additional pressure on yourself. The same focus that you’ve used to obtain your college degree now needs to be turned to obtaining that first position to launch your career. You can do it!

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