Mexico, Colombia, St. Kitts, Brazil, Chile, Argentina…Dream Big!!

By on April 6, 2015

PriscillaLAMy role as a Talent Acquisition Manager allows me to focus on finding individuals to work within a very special market close to my heart: Latin America  and the Caribbean!!   After growing our brands in beautiful countries all over the world, Hyatt is expanding greatly in Latin America and the Caribbean.  We opened Hyatt Place Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico in February, Grand Hyatt at Baha Mar in Nassau,  The Bahamas opens this spring, and Hyatt Place Cuidad del Carmen, Hyatt Place La Paz, and Hyatt Place Los Cabos are reopening later this year.

Our growth is going to require a key component: our Hyatt family needs to grow with great talent like YOU!  In the coming years, we plan on growth throughout Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, St. Kitts, Uruguay. If you’re from this part of the world, you’re probably thinking just like me… Que emocion (how exciting)!!

If you’re not physically jumping up and down with me yet, let me share with you why you should!  But first, a few questions for you to answer and just so you know I’m a good sport, I’ll share my answers with you too:


  • Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity?

            Of course…who wouldn’t want to take that next jump!

  • Are you seeking a way to make a name for yourself?

            Hmmm…yes, but only in a positive way!

  • Are you learning or can you speak Spanish and/or Portuguese?

             I write/speak Spanish and can always improve upon it!

  • Do you want to learn a new language?

             I do!  I’m “trying” this cool app “Duolingo”to learn a bit of Portuguese.

  • *Bonus: Do you have dual-citizenship to any of counties in Latin America?

               I just may look into this since my mom was born in Mexico.

  • *Bonus: Most important question: Do you want to join a family that works with you to ensure you’re being developed for your next role?

               Already done…I work/play/live #InAHyattWorld

Felicidades!  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you’re probably just as excited as I am to potentially begin or extend your career into Latin America or the Caribbean!  In addition to openings at our new hotels, the movement of current Hyatt family members will result in the need to find individuals who can fill the roles of those recently promoted.  As a result, there could be opportunities in every country with current Hyatt locations including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica.


Hospitality has an array of careers and career paths!  Depending on the role, we’ll be looking for both local nationals and expatriates to join us in both management and non-management positions within Food & Beverage, Sales, Human Resources, Engineering, Events, Administrative, Rooms, Operations, and Security. To learn more about our career opportunities and stay updated on our openings, consider doing the following:

  • Create or update your profile with your contact information and resume
  • Peek into our future openings published here
  • Follow Hyatt Careers on Twitter or “like” our page on Facebook
  • Help us spread the word by sharing this blog, or posts of our jobs to your own networks
  • For management roles, connect with me directly through LinkedIn and Twitter
  • For our internal colleagues, please reach out to your Human Resources Director



About Priscilla Guasso

In her role of Regional Talent Acquisition Manager, Priscilla Guasso focuses on recruiting for Hyatt properties within Latin America & the Caribbean. Visit to view and apply for the current openings at Hyatt locations near you.